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Thermoforme L.R. About us

About us

Founded 30 years ago, Thermoforme L.R. is a company that specializes in plastic thermoforming. We provide plastic prototype, production, and extrusion services for both high-volume and sample-size plastic lid orders.

Plastic dumpster lids,

A niche product

We have been manufacturing plastic lids for waste and recycling dumpsters since 2001. We made this product our niche and we are now a market leader. Our plastic lids come with a 12-year warranty and will certainly meet your quality standards.

Your partner

For waste collection products

Wherever you are in Canada and the United States, our team is dedicated to providing you with quick delivery services for your waste and recycling dumpster lids. Your order may be delivered in as little as 48 hours.

Find THE plastic lids you are looking for at Thermoforme L.R.

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For your residential, commercial, and municipal waste and recycling dumpsters